The Zwanenhof Spiritual College


ZwanenhofLR[1]   Diningroom_Zwanenhof2016     Chapel6_Zwanenhof2016   A General Session    The Gardens  Chapel1_Zwanenhof2016    MorningWelcome to the Zwanenhof Spiritual College, located in Zenderen, Holland, approximately 90 miles East of Amsterdam. Built in 1927 as part of a monastic retreat for spiritual development, the Zwanenhof today is one of the few Spiritual Colleges in the world that offers quality training and development in various forms of mental and physical mediumship. The 2016 curriculum includes courses on Trance; Portrait and Spirit Art; Philosophy; Trance Healing; and Demonstrating and Presenting Mental Mediumship. All levels of experience are welcome including beginners, intermediate and experienced participants. All classes are taught in English. To review the courses taught this year, go to

The teachers are some of the most accomplished in the world today. Most of them have worked for years as tutors at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England and many have international followings. Some of the teachers who will teach in 2016 at the Zwanenhof are James Van Praagh, David Thompson, Mavis Pattilla, Nicole de Haas, Jackie Wright, Paul Jacobs and Chris Drew.

Room accommodations at the Zwanenhof are comfortable, reasonable in cost and come in all combinations. See the website for specifics. The food served at all the meals is delicious & fresh and includes many Dutch specialties. Vegetarian entrees and vegetable dishes are available at all meals.

Join us for the spiritual adventure of a lifetime. You will live at the Zwanenhof Spiritual College for five days and nights meeting like-minded individuals from all over the world. You will learn various forms of mediumship from some of the best teachers in the field of mental and physical mediumship. You will feel the closeness of Spirit everywhere.

For general questions about the Zwanenhof experience, email Tom Newman, our U.S. Representative at To ask technical questions or to book a course, email The Zwanenhof at While in Holland, consider spending a few days in Amsterdam, one of the world’s great cities. You can visit the Anne Frank house, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the flower gardens. Enjoy a stroll along Amsterdam’s canals where hidden treasures lie around each corner.