Workshop & Event Fliers


Toni Winninger Santa Fe Flier 2017

John White 2017 Flier

Benu Flier SF 2017

Eric Cargill SF flier 201


  2 Responses to “Workshop & Event Fliers”

  1. Tom, I’d like to make reservations for 2 events; Sat., Aug 8th, with Karen Cook. I was able to print the form for this event. Also, for David Thompson on Sunday, Sept. 20th. I was not able to locate the reservation form, just his information. I would like to pay you on Monday, 2/2, if this is convenient for you? I have the payment in cash, but can deposit and write you a check for your preference, let me know with confirmation of reservations! This is exciting!!! Blessings…

    • Hello Mareta,

      I have you down for the Benu and David Thompson events. No need to pay now….wait until we get closer to the events. I will send you some forms to fill out concerning David Thompson.

      Thanks for the referral to Nondas!


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