Workshop & Event Fliers


Toni Winninger Santa Fe Flier 2017

John White 2017 Flier

Benu Flier SF 2017

Eric Cargill SF flier 2017

David Thompson Santa Fe 2016 Flier

David Thompson 2016 SF Reservation Form

David Thompson 2016 SF Seance Consent Form


  2 Responses to “Workshop & Event Fliers”

  1. Tom, I’d like to make reservations for 2 events; Sat., Aug 8th, with Karen Cook. I was able to print the form for this event. Also, for David Thompson on Sunday, Sept. 20th. I was not able to locate the reservation form, just his information. I would like to pay you on Monday, 2/2, if this is convenient for you? I have the payment in cash, but can deposit and write you a check for your preference, let me know with confirmation of reservations! This is exciting!!! Blessings…

    • Hello Mareta,

      I have you down for the Benu and David Thompson events. No need to pay now….wait until we get closer to the events. I will send you some forms to fill out concerning David Thompson.

      Thanks for the referral to Nondas!


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